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About Us

The Restaurant

For more than 45 years, Cosmos Greek Restaurant has been bringing families together to enjoy the finest Greek cuisine and culture.

It all started as a labor of love in the early 1970’s. Missing their home back in Greece, John and Loula Manos were inspired to share their culture, hospitality, and cuisine with the local community. Their passion led them to the inception of Cosmos Greek Restaurant which, at the time, was one of only three Greek eateries in the lower mainland.  The now popular Cosmos needed more hands in the kitchen and Demetre Theodosakis became partner in the late 70’s bringing his knowledge of food and experience in the kitchen.

John enjoyed spending most of his time in the front of the house entertaining guests and teaching them about Greek culture. Loula’s passion was found in the kitchen, whipping up some of her favorite recipes that were always made with love and care. 


Thanks to John’s enthusiasm for teaching traditional dancing and plate smashing to their guests, Cosmos was always the place to party on the weekends. Twice a year George brought in a live Greek band and guests were encouraged to “party like a Greek”!


After two decades of orchestrating the fun, John and Loula decided it was time to retire - but the party never stopped! Loula’s sister Christina and brother-in-law George took over the Manolopoulos's share in 1990 and became partners with Demetre. They kept up with all of the traditions that Cosmos customers came to know and love over the years. Proud to continue with the family business, Christina can always be heard advising guests on Greek history and traditions, and even sharing her best tips for those who plan to visit the islands of Greece.

Christina's two daughters, Vicky and Bia and Demetre's wife Georgia also help out, making Cosmos a true family business.


The mission at Cosmos has always been to give back to the community while bringing families together. Many of the families we serve have been visiting Cosmos for generations. The children we once danced and played with decades ago are all grown up now and bringing in their own children and even grandchildren! At Cosmos, everyone is Greek! We are all family here.



Our Kitchen

Our menu consists of many traditional Greek recipes, some of which even date back to the Bronze Age. We guarantee that you’ll never go home hungry!

We look forward to continuing John and Loula’s labor of love for many years to come. We welcome you to join us at Cosmos for fun, food, and most importantly, family.

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